Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Stuey wants for 2012

 As we roll into 2012 Stuey and I realize what a poor job we have done with this blog project. So I, being the unemployed human at this time, have decided it is time to make a plan. What do I want to do with this blog do I want people to follow it. Do I want to write about things for dogs and their humans ?  Do I just want to post pictures of Stuey for all to enjoy?
  What I have decided is that I would like to make St. Thomas Island Dog to consist of all things dog friendly in Brevard County ,Fl.  Stuey had a good life in St. Thomas, he was pretty well known and was able to visit several stores and restaurants. He is a very social dog and I can tell he has been very depressed missing his friends and visits. I have not been able to find a job yet, let alone a job that will allow stuey to come with me. I know there are alot of dog lovers in Brevard county however I have met only a few that care about their dog as I do.
  So that is it......... Stuey and I dedicate 2012 to finding all things dog friendly in Brevard County. Once a week we will present a new adventure we have taken together and pass on any knowledge of pet friendly activities happening.
  We hope you will join us in our adventures to come...........

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

old year past review !

Well it is almost old years eve...... The christmas buzz is done and now we prepare for a whole better year!
Stuey would like 2011 to end with a slide show of his best moments from the old year! We are also working
on plans for a bigger and better 2012........ we are recording our dreams and working on making them happen!!
stay tuned!

                                                                        Happy New Year

Monday, December 19, 2011

St. Thomas island dog 2012 wall available

First off Stuey would like to wish everyone a Very Happy Holiday and Best Wishes for the New Year. This past few weeks have been very hectic for him but he is dealing with it the best he can! He seems less and less depressed each day! I as never thought the move for him would be as hard on him as it has!  We are hoping for a fresh new start with the New Year !
So for now........


Be sure to check out st thomas island dog products on cafe press! Newest item is a 2012 wall calendar with all stueys words of wisdom ! Check it out today help fund stueys toy habit!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

free pet samples

Benny Bullys

Manufacturer of freeze dried beef training treats for dogs.
Just click down below to visit them:

Benny Bullys

Bully Sticks All Natural Bully Stick Dog Treats Dog Cookies For Dogs

Stuey loves bully sticks and so far we have not found a retailer in melbourne however I was lucky enough to find their site while I was searching for free sample products! check it out and order a free sample and a maybe a sample pack!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The search is on..... pet friendly places,new doggie doctor and just plain fun stuff to do

So we have officially been here one week. There is so much to explore and do but first you have got to search it out! I have found a few good web sites to help ...... If you are in Brevard county , Florida or plan to visit anytime soon with a furry friend, these pages are must sees to help.

                            Central Brevard Humane Society
                            Pet Pages

While I was doing some research on more Pet related pages I came across this.....
   Animal Safehouse of Brevard is a not for profit organization to help animals of family's of domestic violence. Check them out on Facebook as well. They are always in need of donations as well as volunteers . I hope to be available to help them out as well as soon as I get settled here in Melbourne!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

St. Thomas Island found again......

Ok so we have been gone for a while, well almost a year....... But we are recycling our life and gonna give this blog thing another try! Lots of exciting things have been happening for us in the last few months.
  First change is that we have left the islands. We just moved back to florida however Stu will always be a island dog just now living in Florida! There are so many new and exciting things here in for him to do ,however it has really been an adjustment for him. I can tell he misses going to work with me and can't understand why he is not going in the car everyday to visit. Our first visit downtown he did great, he was not bothered by the wheelchairs we encountered or the canes and electric scooters... we did have one situation with a bicycle but I was still very proud of him.

 One thing I noticed was that very few people greeted him. that made him sad...... In St. Thomas he was greeted everyday by someone, wether it was a friend or a tourist someone took a moment to bend down and pat him on the head . My friends think I am crazy to be worryed about him getting out and socializing  but that is stueys world he loves greeting his friends old and new! Hopefully that will all work itself out soon.
Here are some pictures of the trip and the first few days in our new home


Monday, January 17, 2011

Check out the cool island dog items I found on zazzle!

Look at these great island dog items I found on !
   First this island dog valentines day card!
  Perfect for the island loving couple.......
Stranded on Deserted Island card
Stranded on Deserted Island by myrtieshuman
Browse Funny Cards

Also found some great tropical island style doggie and human t-shirts too.....

Stuey's Island Dog merchandise to follow as well!! ..... R u excited?    Stuey is!  until next time.......

New Year adventures

Stuey has had several adventures already to start the new year! It started off on New years day ,going on a dingy ride to Happy Island. Happy Island is really called Cas Cay and it is a uninhabited 15 acre island in benner bay. However for a dog and most humans it is happy island.


Once there Stuey and his dog pal Six pretty much ran the whole 15 acres. It was such a pleasure to be able to unhook his leash and let him run. His big accomplishment was going in the water for the first time by himself! I was like a mom of a child who had just taken their first steps!!



Thursday, January 13, 2011

So its 2011.......and Stuey and I are back on the wagon!

All an eagle would really like, is a teapot .......hmmmm
  Well Stuey and I fell off the wagon as you can tell. We are new to blogging and had a hard time committing.
However it is a new year and we have our hands in alot of projects right now, this blog being one of them.
We are going for it we a brand new start. I hope to share with you all this year the love and joy Stuey shares
with me everyday