Friday, May 28, 2010

Wagapalooza, St. John's wacky dog show!

Once a year on  St. John, a island in the US Virgin Islands , holds Wagapalooza ! The islands version of the Westminster dog show. The event is sponsored by the St. John ACC. At Wagapalooza they hold contests for the Best Trick; Best Lap Dog; Best Dancer; Best Spots; Best Old Timer; Best Puppy Love; Best Costume; Best Jumper; and Best Tail. The winning contestants are chosen by the wagometer
The more applause you get the higher the meter goes! Stuey was entered in the costume contest and dressed in a chili pepper costume. Homemade of course !  
Here is Stuey watching the crowds getting ready for his big moment!

And then he had some running time with his buddy Pierce who helped walk him thru the contest!

Unfortunately Stuey didn't win the costume contest. He lost out to the lion king! He did however get a 9 on the wagometer!! All and all and good time was had by all. Stuey was totally worn out and slept most of the day  after. Taking the ferry to St. John is always a little trying for him. Dogs can go on the people ferry however they have to either wear a muzzle ( which i have not tried with him) or be in a carrier. So it was in the carrier and off we went with me lugging a 20 lb dog!! We were both worn out after the ordeal! But we are looking forward to next year and already planning his costume!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Being the parent of a dog and consistancy

I have just read one fantastic article and watched a series of spectacular videos on dog training.
 First the Article on The Dog Training Secret a Dog Obedience Blog. The article was on Consistency.
It was a fantastic article of the importance of consistency. Consistency is something I have been good at
well 90% of the time. Well that is simply not good enough! The things we are gonna have to concentrate on are jumping, distractions, and recall. Stu gets it 90% of the time and that is totally my fault not his. So back to step one with these activities ...... let the fun begin.
 The series of videos I have started watching are by Zak Georgeon You Tube.His videos are pretty amazing and his philosophy is time, patience and consistency! In one of the videos he talks about being a parent to your dog. Talking to your dog and being consistent. I couldn't agree more. After teaching preschool for 9 years I find myself using alot of  the same steps I used with 2 yr olds with Stuey. My forever 2 yr old lol. I talk to him about everything we are gonna do and are doing. His toys have names. When he is playing with his duck toy I call it the duck instead of just a toy. Now when we go out and i want him to bring a toy I say get the duck . he will go to the bed where all his toys are grab the duck and run to the front door. Again consistency and talking to him. Check out the videos , His dogs and training is great to watch and will get you excited to try some new tricks as well!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dog Goes Nuts During Soldier Homecoming - Watch more Funny Videos

Awww the first time I left Stuey for a week he peed all over himself when i returned can you only imagine if i was gone for months!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stueys busy afternoon in Red Hook Fri!

Stuey Loves going to Red Hook so I thought I would make a list of all the dog friendly places he likes to visit!
 Stuey Loves to stop by Amigos he always gets a piece of chicken and a bowl of water when we visit.
Nobody bothers you if you sit at the outside bar tables .
 Next we were off to Lattes in Paradise. Stuey has been visiting Karen and Mike since he was a tiny baby and no trip is complete without a stop there whether they are open or not! They always keep a water bowl out for dogs and if Stuey is real good he gets a treat! He always has to go behind the counter to say hello and wait till they give up a treat! Lattes is always good to Stuey! Find Lattes in Paradise  on Facebook !
 Red Hook videos is also pet friendly just beware from time to time there are other dogs working there. They have always been friendly but I think it is best to know there may be other dogs there!
 From time to time we stop in Keep Left to use the photo machine. Matt has always been nice to Stuey however a big dog may not be the best option in the shop!! The same goes for Dolphin Dreams however we work in there so note on Sun or Wed nights Stuey will be behind the counter with me! Dolphin Dreams is a gift shop so a big out of control dog with a rough tail might not be very comfortable there as well!
 We have stopped by Duffys Love Shack as well from time to time and they have been fine as long as we sit at a outside table or a table by the door.
 Stuey always has to stop by and say hello to Barbara and Coco when we go to the mail services! Coco just loves Stuey and when they are not busy they get a little play time in as well.
 Home Againis also dog friendly however the same applies about big dogs. lots of breakable stuff there, so well behaved is very important.
We went to Big Bambooz for the first time Friday afternoon  for the first time Stuey sat under my bar stool and nobody said anything. There was alot of traffic however on the road and He didn't seem as comfortable as he was in some places. I think next time I might sit at a table in the back and see how he feels.
 So There you have it! Stueys favorite places to visit in Red Hook! Hope your dogs like them as well!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

All for Stuey

A little over 3 years ago a little island dog walked into my life and has changed it forever. It was one of the best things that has happened to me while living in the US Virgin Islands.

This blog is to share all the good things about Stuey ,as well as to share all things about and for dogs and there owners . Whether you live here or are visiting with or without your pet We hope to share info , stories and ideas for all.....

I am by no means a writer however we are gonna give it our best shot! With Stuey by my side I can do anything!